Yesterday, I used to look at the mountains with a dream of reaching the top. Every moment, every step, every breath, made me think of those beautiful scenery which I would be able to see from that perfect destination and I had a sweet little fire, a little pain, when I used to think about it. It seemed so beautiful that I just wanted to get started even though I knew it was not that easy. But this little fire and pain of my heart was enough to get me started. And finally that day came when I put myself to test, passed and started.


And today here I am on my way to the top of the mountain. But when I look back and see myself, I find that fire that pain that enthusiasm is getting lost. I tried to find it, but it seems that its drowning in a big sea and no one is there who can rescue it. Should I really regret of getting started? Should I stop moving forward? Should I go back? What should I do? How much ever I try to move, this tough path slows me down. Yes, I am moving, but I am slow and not satisfied. Whenever I am sure of my success, something or the other prevents me from reaching the exact point I wanted to. I always reach a little less. But I knew I deserved it. Sometimes it was my small mistakes, sometimes it was just my fate. But I deserved it. I know I deserved it.

Why is this happening? Am I not able to see something that is for my good? Or is it because what I dreamt yesterday and was so sure of, was wrong??

No No No !!
I am not going to regret it. I am the one who can rescue that beautiful pain that fire that enthusiasm from drowning into the sea and nobody else. I will NOT stop. These tough paths will make me strong, very strong. And, then when tomorrow comes, I will become so strong that nobody will ever be able to knock me down and I will be standing still on the top of the mountain looking at the beautiful scenery and the way which brought me here and thinking, how stupid I was to think that I was wrong. 😀  



Dream …

The quote “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.”
inspired me to write this poem … And here it goes …

A wish, a feeling, a desire,
Which you want to acquire,
And will always let you go higher,
Is Dream,

It will never let you cry,
Even if you are very dry,
You will always try,
This is dream,

It will make you work hard,
Feeling and works are no more apart,
And yes you will go more smart,
This is dream,

So, let your thoughts fly to the heights unreachable,
And run towards it,
Fight for it,
Work for it,
And yes pray for it,
And you will get it,
I bet it,
And even if not, you will never regret it.
This is Dream


Let me dream, let me fly, please let me be free, and I will Show who the Real ME can be ….!!

In a very remote and unpopular village in India lived a little girl, named Ananya, very beautiful, very intelligent, with a special charm on her face. When she smiled all sorrow, all anger vanished as if never existed. And, her eyes were bright, which twinkled all the time and which had dreams, very big to achieve something great.

She was brilliant, nobody in her locality was able to compete her not even her brother. But there was a problem, even though she performed better she was not praised at all and her brother was given gifts just for passing. This was because she was a girl. But still she was satisfied because she knew that someday, she will prove everybody wrong and become a great person.

Years passed by, she started getting better and better, but this was not acceptable to the society she lived in. It was hard for them to digest that a girl is growing better than all other boys in the society. According to them, a girl is supposed to stay-at-home, kill all her talent and dreams and live under full control of men. They started interfering in her studies, and bringing obstacles in her way of reaching height and finally they won!! (a small girl cannot fight against a big crowd of people who have stupid mentality). She was married to a guy at small age of 18 (she just gave her 12th boards). She was hurt, but she accepted it.

New family, new people, and a different way of thinking. Everything was new and she was finding hard to settle in the new environment. But, even in this worse situation, she was happy because she got a very good husband who cared about her, and gave heed to all her words. And, then a beautiful daughter named Piya came into their life. She started dreaming again and she decided to give everything to her child that she never got. She dreamt herself in her cute daughter and she wanted that little girl to achieve heights which she wanted to, but couldn’t. But again a bunch of people with stupid mentality came on her way. But this time she was not accepting it at any cost because this time it was her daughter and not her. So, she fought against each and every crazy fellow and kept her daughter away from those evil people.

And she gave her Piya a very good education and along with that she taught her good moral values. And, finally Piya became a very successful girl as Ananya dreamt.

Hey wait!!

The story has not yet ended. You don’t want to know about our main character, Ananya? When Piya started going school, she had nothing to do and she hated staying idle. So, she opened a small shop which had household decoratives, to pass her time and as the time passed by that little shop became a very big showroom, totally managed by Ananya. She became a very successful businesswoman and an independent lady.